Become active ocean conservation advocates

By using your a strong and compelling business voice, you can influence governments, other business leaders, employees and consumers to act now so that we put the Ocean on a pathway to recovery – because “The Ocean is Everybody’s Business”.

Ideas for action

  • Support carbon offset programs to protect carbon-rich coastal habitats, such as mangroves and seagrass beds.
  • Support Ocean conservation efforts by environmental organizations and other initiatives that provide ocean stewardship to protect important habitats such as coral reefs.
  • Collaborate with other like-minded companies to make the case for regulations that put Ocean protection measures in place, require higher standards, and create a level playing field for more progressive players who are not exploiting the Ocean or the environment at the cost of others.
  • Raise awareness among consumers and staff about the state of the Ocean, and highlight actions that they can take both to protect it and improve understanding.

Why? The only way that we are going to solve the Ocean crisis is by working together, with businesses as part of the solution. Our goal in launching the “The Ocean is Everybody’s Business” initiative is to raise awareness within the corporate sector of the impact businesses have been having on the Ocean and to encourage as many companies as possible to get involved in Ocean conservation and sustainability – to enable us to reverse the trajectory of decline to one of recovery. Go back to the other actions and see how to work with your team to help positive Ocean action across your corporate footprint. It is important to begin now.