Take Action

Companies can play a huge role in driving positive change for the Ocean

Committing to adopt a business model that is both environmentally and socially responsible will have multiple positive effects for the planet, its people and the economy. The private sector has a strong and compelling voice and major reach in terms of its consumers, staff and business partners.

Today, more than ever, we need business leadership to drive positive change. Whether your company’s business activities are directly linked to the Ocean or not, there are many actions you can take that will have a direct impact on promoting a healthier, cleaner, safer and more productive Ocean for people and the planet.

The only way we will solve the Ocean crisis is by working together, with businesses involved as part of the solution. Our goal in launching the “The Ocean is Everybody’s Business” initiative is to raise awareness within the corporate sector of the impact businesses have been having on the Ocean, and to encourage as many companies as possible to get involved in Ocean conservation and sustainability – to enable us to reverse the current trajectory of decline to one of recovery.

To assist companies on their voyage to a healthier Ocean, there are a number of key activities that will help achieve the Ocean Sustainable Development Goal targets (SDG 14: Life Below Water) and go further towards adopting the measures needed to secure a sustainable and fair “blue” future.

We believe that many companies are eager to meet these challenges and to take bold actions to “blue” their businesses. They need to hold themselves accountable, by being open and transparent about their activities.

Download a pdf version and follow #TheOceanOurBusiness

To begin their ‘blue voyage’, businesses can commit to at least one or more of the following: