Support innovation and science and share best practices

By committing to increase scientific knowledge, develop research capacity and transfer marine technology to developing countries and Small Island Developing States (which are in fact large Ocean States), your business can enhance the contribution of marine biodiversity to sustainable development.

Ideas for action

  • Support research initiatives that improve businesses operations and also benefit the environment and the Ocean, as part of your business model to promote new technological solutions.
  • Translate Ocean science so that it becomes relevant to your business, and accessible to your staff and customers.
  • Work with countries to build capacity, sharing ideas and technology for sustainably managing their fisheries and tourism industries.

Why? Technology and innovation are key to ensuring we live more sustainability. They are driving advances in fuel efficiency, renewables, reduction of waste and much more. Companies are often at the cutting edge of innovation, and through investment and support can provide workable solutions with improvements for people and the planet.